Selecting Correct Verison

HookSelect has more than 200,000 titles!  In order to ensure you select the proper mix for each song, please take note of the notes in the ‘version’ column to the right of a title. If there is nothing in that cell, then it is likely the album/radio version and not a remix.

In the example below, there are three versions of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”.  You can sample the hook by clicking on the green play triangle to the left of the screen.  This will ensure you don’t get a dance remix in your Country test.

No need to worry…we carefully look at each and every list, so if you miss it, we will find it for you!

Exporting a song list

To export a song list, click on List Actions, then choose the ‘export’ button.

To ensure the artist and title merge together, click “Merge Title and Version”  (example below)


Save the file to your local computer.  Can be easily opened and edited in Excel.

Insert a new song into your list (if you can’t find in a source list)

If you can’t find a song in our library after searching a browse list or the entire catalog, there is a method for inserting a song into the song list you are working on.  This will come to us as an ‘unmatched’ song so we can add it for your project.  To insert a song, click the green “New” button along the icon row. The pop up will all you to add data about your song.  Click “Add and the song is now in your list. You won’t be able to hear audio until we add the song data and audio for the song.

Submitting your hook list

When you have completed your list, save your list one last time and then click on the Submit button. Then fill out a few answers including the following:

  • Requested Delivery Date – the date you need materials. If the test is online, just pick the day you need things to be ready.
  • Test Date – the date of your test if known. If it’s an online test, just pick the current day.
  • Project Type – Music Test, Callout, Montages, Other (specify)
  • Format – Digital, Online URLS, CD, Other (specify)

Add any notes in the space provided you’d like us to know about your project.

When done, click submit a second time. This will trigger an email to us that your list is ready and notify you we have received it. We will also send a personal email confirming specifics or any questions about your project. Note: your list is locked from editing after submitting. In order to make additional edits, please go to projects and ‘unsubmit’ your list. If you do that, please notify us so we don’t start working on a list you’re about to change.

Deleting previous lists from HookSelect

It’s good practice to remove the lists you are no longer using. Following are instructions for deleting old hook lists from the program.  Once deleted, these lists are permanently removed (i.e. there is no undo).

  1. Login to HookSelect
  2. Click on the “Hook Lists” tab
  3. Identify the list you’d like to remove.  Remove each list by clicking the delete button with the cursor on the row of the list you’d like to remove.
  4. Once you’ve removed the lists, click Save.