Our Philosophy


Just about anyone can put together a hook project; however, there are inherent risks to doing this type of work in-house.

Time – The amount of time it takes to cut down hooks to prepare one music test is very time consuming for a radio station to do themselves.  Constraints on production staff are constant.  You will benefit by outsourcing this type of work to someone whose only business is hooks.

Hook Accuracy/Quality – Sometimes this work is delegated to a person at a station that doesn’t necessarily have the ear for music hook creation.  This can lead to inaccurate hooks, hooks that are too long or short as well as hooks that are of substandard quality. Other hook providers use only mp3 audio for preparing your materials. Hooks Unlimited starts with loss-less audio and converts the final materials to your (or your research firms) requirements.  This ensures better quality for your test.

Consistency – Our tightly crafted hooks average 8 seconds in length, meet our rigorous standards, and are created from CD Audio or high quality digital files.  We don’t use YouTube files or pirated music from the Internet so the quality of the hook you in your test is consistent from the first song to the last. We have a number of custom and shorter hooks (5-7 seconds average) available, if desired, as well.

Hooks Unlimited is connected with all the key broadcast research firms and radio stations across the globe.  These research professionals and stations understand the value of clear, consistent, quality hooks in their music research projects and have come to trust us to do the work instead of trying to delegate it internally.  Whether it is Hindi played in India, Boleros in Peru or American Top 40, Rock, Country, Oldies, etc. – we have the most comprehensive library of any hook provider as well as voice announcements in 18 different languages to customize your project.  See more about the companies we work with here.