About Us

Hooks Unlimited was formed in 1989 to provide services to the broadcast market research industry.  Stations were creating their own song hooks for music and perceptual research and the caliber of work led researchers to gather unwieldy data and therefore deliver inconsistent results.  Hooks Unlimited met the needs of radio stations and research firms across the globe and set out to deliver on three concepts relating to everything we do:

Clear: The hooks should accurately represent the song, be of superior audio fidelity, and the process of getting things done should be simple, easy and straightforward.

Consistent: Hook lengths, fades and sound levels should be the same and the song hooks tested from project-to-project should be the same to allow for easy trending.

Quality:  The hooks should sound great, the materials should look exceptional, and the level of service from start to finish should be superior to everyone else.

Hooks Unlimited was based for a number of years in Columbia, Missouri.  Under the new leadership of Michael Pelaia, a veteran researcher who’s worked for Arbitron (Nielsen Audio), Coleman Insights and Cox Media Group, Hooks Unlimited relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 2003.  We’re proud to have the largest music catalog representing music from all formats and all corners of the globe.   Our global clientele trusts us to ensure that their research project goes off with out a hitch.