Now available…a new and completely reimagined version of our popular HookSelect software program.  This version runs completely in the cloud with no software to install, and is compatible with your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. HookSelect has the features and tools you need to build a better list, faster—and easier.

Build a Better List

HookSelect™ hook selection software means you won’t have to build a list from scratch.  Our program offers quick, easy access to more than 200,000 titles, lets you import your own spreadsheets and logs and use them to build your test list.

You can also import custom data (for example, a previous list or test results ranker) to adjust an existing list and save time. With the new program, you can sort, view and select by artist, title or other variables, filter on format or year breaks, and optimize to ensure that artists, eras, etc. are evenly distributed.  If your research firm uses dials, you can sort the library only, and keep the as-is pods in order (an exclusive from Hooks Unlimited). Additionally, there are useful statistics so you can see which songs appear most often in your hook list by key variables.  You can also check for and remove duplicates.